Why do you need international marketing?

Products and services promotion at the international level greatly enlarges market place and potential for company growth.

However it’s necessary to take into account lots of factors, which are integral to a project’s success, when you enter foreign markets.

We’ll help you:

  • To evaluate brand relevance with a glance to ensure inclusivity with cultural characteristics
  • To adapt package and communication materials in accordance with market demands
  • To plan and to realize promo campaign

It’s important to have a deep understanding of the special aspects relating to cross-cultural communications when creating the international marketing program.

The lack of such kind of experience and a lack of understanding the importance for partners things may cause dire implications, up and including to failure to sign an international contract.

What are international marketing mistakes like?

 Here are some examples of mistakes in international marketing, detected by us. The names of companies are not mentioned in these examples for ethical reasons.

A huge importer needed to sign a contract with Chinese suppliers. Communications were conducted for a couple of years without any results. The point was that the number of the office, chosen by importers for negotiations with suppliers, was 444.”4” is a very unlucky number for Chinese people, because it sounds exactly like character for “death”. (si, Chinese character – see picture). We recommended: relocating the office and finding Chinese speaking staff, experienced in cross-cultural communications. Result: profitable contract was signed, both sides were happy.

The advertisement with the basis of the gesture “OK” was proposed for promo campaign of an international project with huge number of participants from Emirates (see picture). However this gesture, very positive for us, may be perceived very negatively by people from the states, and using this gesture may fail completely utterly the advertising campaign with this demographic. We recommended: changing the concept of the advertising campaign. Result: the event was successful, Emirates participants signed several international contracts during it.


Cultural characteristics play an important role when conducting marketing surveys, plan sales sectors and many others.

Our experts have huge experience of working at European, Asian and American markets and they’ll help you to prevent many costly errors.

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