Outsourcing Lumiere du Soleil for marketing tasks helps our clients to implement successful projects with the purpose of promoting their products&services in a situation, where there are not enough resources available within the company:

  • heavy workload of marketing service
  • absence of competencies that are necessary for particular project implementation
  • temporary absence of a marketing specialist
  • absence of a marketing service because of small company size etc.

The majority of marketing mistakes happens because of a marketing specialists absence or a specialist’s insufficient expertise level.

Therefore outsourcing marketing is the most advantageous solution, which helps to attract expert professionals when it’s necessary for resolving or implementing a special task.

For outsourcing we could be helpful in:

  • creating the basic communication materials on turnkey basis: brochures, presentations, websites etc.
  • Providing full-fledged marketing support to a company a period of specialists’ absence
  • Providing measures for planning and optimizing promo-campaigns for products and services
  • Conducting event: exhibitions, master-classes, road-shows, conferences, celebrations or educational programmes etc.
  • Conducting PR-campaigns
  • Establishing separate marketing business processes, implementing modern technologies and practices, that will increase the promos efficiency.

This model of cooperation is very effective and helps clients out when conducting all necessary marketing activities with excellent results.