Our professional trainings are targeted to help companies in improving sales:

  1. Marketing-skills Training Victory
  2. Sales-skills Training Winner
  3. Leadership Training Achiever

Marketing-skills Training Victory in four days format

A level of marketing specialist professional skills plays a key role in promo projects. The price of marketing mistakes is very high: not just an advertisement that did not work but an incorrect brand perception by current and potential customers.

Notably the last point is hard to fix – it’s much more difficult to correct negative associations than to create new ones from scratch.

One more important thing is the high speed of new technologies appearing in marketing. Today half of the battle in many B2B and B2C fields are online promo and efficient databases management.

4 days training is conducted in “one day a week” format and includes theoretical base, case study and homework:

  • 1st day: Analyses and Strategy
  • 2nd day: Branding and Positioning
  • 3rd day: Distribution and Promotion
  • 4th day: Digital Marketing

Practical tasks for implementing knowledge are based on real company cases.


Sales-skills Training Winner conducted in «2х2» format.

Two days training: the aim is to gain skills in conducting effective negotiations with clients, learn how to classify clients and choose the most effective sales strategy. Participants work out how to deal with objections and effective behavior in conflict situations. Also participants learn how to use negotiations platforms tool.

Two days case study: with sales education specifically targeted at a particular market sector.

In your case the sale funnel  and case for B2B sales with a complicated structure of decision making will be worked out for your staff.

The case study with real life scenarios will include several rounds of negotiations for selling “difficult assortment”: with the necessity to reselect equipment and make an up sale and services sale.

During this training we conduct express diagnostics, give the methodology, and theory work up immediately.


Leadership Training Achiever consists of three modules.

Each module has preparatory task and 2 days of intensive coursework. Than participants present their findings for assessment. Usually this programme lasts for one year.

Each module starts with tests and homework presentation. It helps to determine an individual’s learning outcomes in advance.

Than the applied tools based on the modern management concepts are shared with the participants. Several exercises follow presentations to consolidate results and skills learned.

This approach guarantees results.

 Module 1

Private leadership skills

  • Actions and Time management
  • Charisma
  • Self-motivation

Module 2

Staff leadership skills

  • Types of employees
  • Staff motivation
  • Levels of delegation

Module 3

Company leadership skills

  • Competitive advantages
  • Strategy
  • PUV
  • Shaping strategic assets

Project assessment



About the trainer

Svetlana Kulikova

Trainer Svetlana Kulikova
  • Managing partner of the international marketing agency Lumière du Soleil. Founder of Coolture project and LuciaGuide.
  • Education: MBA in marketing, university degrees in international political economy (IPE) and applied psychology.
  • Training experience – more than 20 years.
  • Publications: author of more than 20 articles in local and international magazines.
  • Conferences: speaker at numerous international conferences worldwide, lecturer in international marketing and strategy at MGIMO-University (Moscow State University of International Relations).
  • Huge experience of managing marketing & strategy in international companies.