Why marketing audit?

Marketing audit helps to increase promptly the efficiency of investments in the promotion of your products and services.

When creating advertising materials companies commonly are sadly out in their reckoning. For this reason the ROMI (return on marketing investments) critically decreases during the process of advertisement campaign realisation.

The company may invest huge amounts into advertising, but the content of this ad doesn’t work well, or even put a crimp in a brand’s value in the perception of consumers.

As a result of our marketing audit you’ll receive the detailed recommendation. Getting this information will help you to recognize and (to) correct errors by oneself in the future.

Also you’ll get specific recommendations for increasing the efficiency of current advertisement materials.

Are you sure that your ad runs as a well-oiled machine?

Marketing audit conduction will help to recognize communication gaffes and logical inconsistencies and correct them.

It’s recommended to conduct it before publishing t materials or as soon as possible. This is because the brand’s perception is shaping in the mind of target audience with each time of coming into contact. Changing an already formed opinion is a complicated task after this.

What are communication mistakes like?

Here are examples of some communication mistakes, detected when marketing audit was conducted. The implementation of the recommendations led to sales volume increasing. The names of companies are nor mentioned in examples for ethical reasons.

The producer of consumer electronics used the old Cyrillic alphabet in it’s communication materials to underline a company’s perennial traditions. As a result the product was not perceived as modern by consumers, an association with outmoded technologies. We recommended: changing the font and visual solution into another that has associations with modern technologies.

A healthy food producer used toxic and psychedelic colours in packaging and advertisement. It caused a cognitive dissonance: natural ingredients are mentioned in the text but it’s perceived as unnatural and even chemical in the pictures. We recommended: using the “food colour” – the natural colours of foodstuffs.

An electric cable producer used beautiful picture of wires with flake of fire in it’s advertisement. The purpose of this ad was to sell the idea of the cables’ security. We recommended: to change the photo into a picture without an association with risk of fire during usage (short circuit).

How to conduct a marketing audit?

1st Step: contact us by phone or e-mail – we’ll help to specify a list of material for auditing and calculate the price.

2nd Step: send us your advertising materials according to the list and pay agreed fee.

3rd Step: receive the findings of the expert study with recommendations in the format of a presentation with answering all your questions.