Your company would like to invite a savvy specialist in marketing, who is able to increase the effectiveness of investments in the promo of your products / services?

 Take advantage of Lumière du Soleil's method that help to assess his or her competency and skills in key fields:

  • Market analysis
  • Strategic marketing
  • Branding and positioning
  • Producing advertising materials
  • PR
  • Organising exhibitions and events
  • Online promo

The competency assessment has three stages:
1st Stage: passing a test by a candidate

2nd Stage: Skype interview with candidate on the basis of test results

3rd Stage: getting the feedback from Lumière du Soleil company based on CV, test and interview results.

Result: employer understands candidate’s professional skills and zones of development.

Such an attitude will help you to make your marketing service become the most efficient.

Apply for the staff assessment